As a homeowner with a fireplace, you probably know how to build and maintain a fire. You probably also know that you should have your chimney cleaned and swept every year. When you call Chimney Sweep Plus, we’ll check out your creosote buildup, the state of your chimney cap, and the condition of your mortar. Another thing that you’ll want to have checked out is your damper system.

What Does the Damper Do?

Your damper works to do a couple of things which can help your fire burning experience go much better. First, your damper controls the amount of air that is flowing in your chimney while a fire is burning. This is important so that your fire is burning as efficiently and as safely as possible. When you’re planning to build a fire and all the while your fire is burning, you’ll want to keep the damper open all the way. This way, the smoke from your fire won’t catch on the partially closed damper and re-enter your living area. This smoke build-up causes a burning sensation in your eyes and throat.

Once your fireplace has cooled down and no embers remain, you’ll want to close the damper. If it stays open, all that nice warm air from your living area will float up through the chimney. This causes an increase in your heating bills. In addition, cold air flows through your open dampers and down your chimney. If the room feels especially cold, check to make sure the dampers are closed.

Where’s the Damper Located?

The damper usually sits at the throat of the chimney, where you can easily reach it. It’s a metal piece, and that can cause some problems. Your chimney is especially susceptible to having water infiltration because it lets rain and other types of precipitation run right in. Another reason that moisture can get in the interior of your chimney is through smoke. A byproduct of combustion is water vapor, which is released in the form of smoke. Dampers can also rust, which means it won’t be able to open and close as easily as it should. This means that you won’t get a good seal when you close your damper, and you won’t be able to keep the warm air in or the cold air out.

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When you call Chimney Sweep Plus, you can rest assured that we know just what to look for to make sure that your dampers are working properly. And not just your dampers! We know how to clean and inspect your entire chimney system and will make sure that your fireplace is running safely and efficiently.