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Shopping for a new stove or insert can be exciting, especially with today’s vast selection. Modern stoves and inserts offer options perfect for every style of home décor, and can be installed in virtually any space in the home – from guest rooms and master suites to bathrooms and basements. But when it comes time to have your new appliance installed, are you trusting installation to the experts? No matter which brand you choose, manufacturers only guarantee their products when professionally installed according to installation instructions. Although it may be tempting to make stove or insert installation a DIY project, this is one job you should leave to the professionals. When all is said and done, you want to know that your appliance is ready to operate as intended, that it will properly vent, and that your warranty will remain valid – and we’re here to help with that. We install stoves and inserts of all types and brands, and can make sure you have proper clearance from combustibles and that your system is properly vented and good to go.

Installation Of Stoves Vs Inserts

The biggest difference between freestanding stoves and inserts is where they can be installed. Inserts are designed to be fitted inside of your existing fireplace and vented through your existing chimney, while stoves can be installed virtually anywhere, as long as stove piping is installed along with them. When installing a new insert to vent through your chimney, we’ll make sure that the current flue liner is the proper size and material to vent your new appliance. We’ll also make sure that your new appliance is properly fitted for a seamless and beautiful new hearth appearance. When installing a new freestanding stove, we’ll make sure that the proper stove pipe is installed along with it, for an efficient and safely venting appliance. Whether you prefer to have your piping exit through the top of your appliance or the back, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our stove pipe installation services here.

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