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The chimney liner plays a key role in proper venting and keeping everything working as efficiently and as safely as it should. Liners are typically made of metal (stainless steel or aluminum) or clay tiles, and their primary job is to contain the byproducts of combustion (like smoke and gases) and provide a smooth surface to escort these byproducts up and out of the home.

The chimney liner also protects the masonry of the chimney against the damage caused by the corrosive gases, moisture, byproducts, and extreme temperatures of the fire.

When A Reline Is Necessary

As you can imagine, with such a vital role to play, your chimney liner needs to be in good condition. But what if it isn’t?

A lot of things can cause chimney liner damage:

  • If you have a chimney leak, water that makes its way in can create rust spots and eat holes in metal liners; likewise, water can erode clay tile liners and leave them cracked and decaying. Gases and moisture produced during combustion can do the same.
  • House settling is normal, but in some cases, it can cause cracks in the tiles of a clay tile or terra cotta chimney liner.
  • Chimney fires can cause significant damage to chimney liners of all types.
  • Creosote, especially if left for extended periods of time and allowed to build up, can destroy chimney liners, eating away at the surface and restricting air flow (which leads to more buildup).

Of course, damage to an existing liner isn’t the only reason to reline. Chimney relinings are also necessary for these cases:

  • You’re changing appliances and your new appliance requires a bigger/smaller chimney liner for proper venting.
  • You’re changing fuel types and your existing liner isn’t designed to vent your new fuel.
  • You’re experiencing chimney liner-related draft and efficiency issues.

Was Your Chimney Built Without A Liner? We Can Help With That Too!

Few homeowners know it, but many older chimneys were actually built without chimney liners. In the 1940s and the 1980s, the National Bureau of Standards ruled this “little less than criminal,” due to the great fire and safety risk associated with unlined chimneys. If you have an older chimney and an inspection reveals it was built without a liner, we can help. We’ll install a new chimney liner that will give you the protection and efficiency you long for.

What About Your Gas Furnace Or Water Heater?

We all get so caught up thinking about the chimneys venting our fireplaces or stoves, we often forget about the chimneys venting our gas furnaces or water heaters. Have you had that chimney liner inspected recently? Your fireplace or stove isn’t the only thing producing corrosive gases and byproducts! If your gas furnace or water heater chimney liner is in disrepair, we can reline that as well!

Forever Flex Liners – A Lifetime Of Quality

Whether you need your masonry chimney, your gas furnace, or your water heater chimney lined or relined, we can help. We’ll inspect your system and identify what size and type of liners are needed for proper venting.

The Forever Flex liners we install are made of 304L or 316 Ti stainless steel and are available pre-insulated and field insulated. These amazing systems are manufactured by Olympia Chimney Supply and are UL tested and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Quality Chimney Relining Service Is Just A Call Or Click Away

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