Whatever Chimney Repairs You Need, Chimney Sweep Plus in the Hickory, NC area is The Team To Call

Fireplaces and the chimneys that vent them can bring so much enjoyment to our lives. The dancing and flickering flames help calm our minds and the radiant warmth helps take off the chill on a cold evening. But when problems arise and our chimneys and fireplaces aren’t working like they should or looking like they once did, that enjoyment is compromised.

If your chimney or fireplace could use some repair work, let the seasoned professionals at Chimney Sweep Plus help. We have nearly 30 years of industry experience and specialize in the following chimney repairs:

  • Chimney Lining & Relining – Every chimney needs a liner, whether it’s venting your fireplace, stove, insert, gas furnace, or gas water heater. Unfortunately, not all chimneys were built with liners, and even those that were can undergo damage and decay. If your chimney needs to be lined or relined, we can help. We use high-quality Forever Flex stainless steel liners to keep chimneys working efficiently and as safely as possible – year after year.
  • Factory-Built Chimney & Fireplace Repair – Just like masonry chimneys and fireplaces, factory-built systems can fail or deteriorate – but we can help. We repair and replace factory-built chimney and fireplace components of all types and will make sure everything we install is UL tested to work with your system.
  • Minor Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing – When your masonry starts to crack and crumble and the mortar joints on your chimney or fireplace recede, the appearance and safety of your system are compromised – but we can help. We specialize in minor masonry repair and tuckpointing and can replace old, deteriorating mortar with freshly packed, perfectly matched mortar. For a stronger, more beautiful chimney and fireplace, professional tuckpointing is a must.
  • Smoke Chamber Repair – The smoke chamber that guides smoke and byproducts from your fireplace into your chimney flue is right in the heart of the action. But unfortunately, this placement can lead to cracks, holes, and rough patches, which can slow down the exit of smoke and byproducts. If your smoke chamber could use some attention, let us help. We parge smoke chambers smooth using Chamber-Tech 2000 and can make sure your system is working efficiently.
  • Crown Repair – The chimney crown is often forgotten, but it’s such a vital part of your chimney’s fight against water – is your crown in good condition? If cracks and deterioration have left your crown in bad shape, we can make repairs and help keep water out using CrownCoat.

No matter what you need to be done to restore your chimney system, you can count on Chimney Sweep Plus. We provide unmatched courteous and professional service to our customers, from the first point of contact to the very last detail of service. Wherever you are in the greater Hickory, NC area, call 828-758-0333 for all your chimney repair needs! You can also fill out our online scheduling form to get the ball rolling – click here!


We can find and fix your chimney leaks quickly and completely, so don’t wait to get this important chimney service performed. Prevent further damage and call now!