Professional, Above-Grade Waterproofing Products & Services

Even if you’ve never experienced a chimney leak, you know it can be an absolute nightmare and end up costing hundreds or even thousands in repairs. But how can you safeguard yourself against such an experience? Well, in addition to keeping up with annual inspections (which can reveal chimney leaks in their early stages), the best way to prevent chimney leaks from springing up is to invest in professional waterproofing products and services.

Those of us at Chimney Sweep Plus have repaired countless chimney leaks for our neighbors throughout Lenoir, Hickory, and beyond, and are committed to making leak prevention easy, affordable, and effective for our customers. That’s why we proudly apply the best chimney waterproofing products in the industry: ChimneySaver and FlashSeal.

What Is ChimneySaver Water Repellent?

ChimneySaver water repellent is an above-grade masonry waterproofing product designed to offer chimney masonry protection against water damage and intrusion. Whether you choose a water-based or solvent-based formula, this amazing 100% vapor-permeable product reduces water penetration by 99.9% and carries a 10-year warranty. Here are some of the other perks of investing in ChimneySaver include:

  • Efflorescence, stain, and freeze/thaw protection (meaning more beautiful, longer-lasting masonry)
  • Non-glossy appearance (meaning it won’t alter your chimney’s looks)

What Is FlashSeal?

FlashSeal is another waterproofing product we apply – this one designed for your flashing. FlashSeal is a brushable product that provides your flashing with a waterproof membrane that remains flexible throughout its service life. This product is great for repairing flashing and keeping it in great condition and offers 7 years of water resistance and protection. This amazing product is available in brown, black, and white, so no matter your roof color or home color, there’s a FlashSeal option that will seamlessly blend with your home’s décor.

Keep Water Out For Years With Chimney Sweep Plus

Don’t let a chimney leak leave you with a pricey and stressful mess on your hands – call Chimney Sweep Plus! We’ll make sure your chimney system is in great shape and apply ChimneySaver and FlashSeal to your system for years of water protection. Call 828-758-0333 or fill out our online scheduling request form today!


Fixing leaky chimneys is just one of the many fireplace and chimney services we provide to help keep your chimney system in tip-top shape year after year.