Is Your Chimney Or Fireplace In Need Of Minor Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Work? We Can Help!

Masonry chimneys and fireplaces have been long adored for their longevity, strength, and stunning beauty – but they still require repair on occasion. Even the most well-constructed chimney and fireplace can undergo damage, which can lead to a variety of safety and efficiency issues, and detract from the appearance of the system.

The mortar that holds the brick together can crack, develop holes, or recede, but when this happens, we can help.

The expert technicians at Chimney Sweep Plus have nearly 30 years of experience providing our neighbors throughout the greater Hickory area with minor masonry repair and tuckpointing work. If cracks, holes, and receding mortar joints are detracting from the safety and beauty of your chimney and fireplace, we’re the team to call.

What Is Tuckpointing & What’s Involved?

Tuckpointing is a masonry restoration service that requires great skill and patience. Without knowledge, expertise, and proper tools, tuckpointing results can be sloppy and can further weaken and threaten the safety and strength of the chimney and fireplace. That’s why this service is best left to experienced professionals.

During the tuckpointing process, our technicians carefully grind out the cracked and eroded mortar joints, being sure to leave the neighboring brick undamaged. Once we’ve effectively removed the old mortar, we clean the joints and prepare the area for the new mortar, which we carefully match to the existing mortar in both color and composition.

Next, we begin patiently and skillfully packing the new mortar into the joints, being sure to smooth over the new mortar and keep the brick clean. When you have your tuckpointing work performed by our professionals, you can expect the most durable and attractive results possible.

Schedule Your Tuckpointing & Minor Masonry Repairs Today!

Are you noticing little cracks here and there along your chimney or fireplace? Don’t put off repairs! The longer cracks and receding joints go unmended, the greater your chance of experiencing structural problems and water damage. Instead, call the seasoned professionals at Chimney Sweep Plus. We’re committed to providing unmatched courteous and professional services to our customers from start to finish. Call 828-758-0333 to learn more or schedule your appointment!

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Our chimney repair services include smoke chamber repair to keep smoke out of your home and exiting up the flue where it belongs.