We Install Standard & Custom Ventis Stove Pipe

When you find that perfect new stove or insert for your home, you want to be confident that it will be properly vented and installed for maximum efficiency and safety – and we can help. We install standard and custom Ventis stove pipe, which is revered for its quality and efficiency.

Ventis offers smoke-free, fume-free single and double wall stove pipe, which is guaranteed not to rust and comes with a limited 10-year warranty. Whether you’re having the stove pipe installed in your existing chimney to vent your new insert or you’re opting for a freestanding appliance that will leave your stove pipe exposed, we can help.

No Chimney? No Problem!

Don’t have a chimney or have a chimney that is unusable and unsafe? You can enjoy the warmth and relaxation that a stove or insert provides, regardless of whether you have a working chimney or not. Yes, you read that correctly!

Thanks to Ventis Direct Vent stove pipe, which features .016” thick stainless steel alloy inner walls and .018” thick galvanneal outer walls, you can enjoy your new stove or insert, without worrying about the cost of restoring your chimney or building a new one. This type of stove pipe is vented directly to the outside (hence its name) and relies on the intake of outside air to feed the fire.

Plus, you can choose to have your direct vent stove pipe exit through the top of the appliance or the rear of the appliance, which opens up virtually endless installation options. Want to enjoy the warmth of a stove in your bedroom, guest room, bathroom, or basement? With Ventis, you can.

Ventis’ stove pipes are beautiful, perfectly round, and scratch-resistant, so you won’t want to hide them. And because of their perfectly rounded shape, you can expect a perfect fit, pipe-to-pipe, and a leak-free system.

Give Us A Call To Request Your Stove Pipe Installation Service

To learn more about our stove pipe installation services or to request an appointment with one of our professionals, please give us a call at 828-758-0333 or fill out our online appointment request form. Whether standard stove pipe will suffice or you need something custom, we’re here to help!


Whatever stove or fireplace insert you decide to have installed, you can count on the experts at Chimney Sweep Plus.