Is A Rusted Chase Cover Ruining Your Chase & Leaving Your Chimney Unprotected? We Can Help!

Prefabricated chimney systems or factory-built chimney systems rely on certain components for protection – just like masonry systems do. In the masonry world, one of the most important protective components is the chimney crown. But in the prefabricated world, it’s the chase cover.

Your chase cover is the metal piece that fits over the chase (typically the decorative wooden structure surrounding your chimney pipe) and keeps water, animals, twigs, and other outside elements from gaining access to the chimney pipe and home.

Your prefabricated chimney system is constructed primarily of metal, which can be virtually destroyed by water. Without a quality chase cover, this is a real concern and a real inevitability. Is your chase keeping moisture and animals out?

If you follow the suggestions of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and have your chimney system inspected by a professional each and every year, you should know when it’s time to replace your chase cover. But if you haven’t had a professional take a look at your system for a while, here are some signs you can be on the lookout for:

  • Rust streaks down your chase. When a chase cover starts to rust and deteriorate, it can leave rust streaks racing down your chimney chase and the siding of your home. Have you checked your chase and home for rust streaks?
  • Moisture inside of your fireplace. If your chase cover has failed, you may notice pooling water inside of your fireplace or rust down in the firebox. Whenever you find rust and moisture, water is making its way in somehow – likely through the chase cover or chimney cap.
  • Water-damaged walls and ceilings. If your chase cover failed some time ago, you may notice water damage along the walls and ceiling near your chimney.

Call Chimney Sweep Plus ASAP

If you notice any of these signs, act fast! Water can cause a prefabricated chimney system to rapidly deteriorate, so the sooner you act, the better. Call on the professionals at 828-758-0333. We’ll inspect your factory-built system, check your chase cover for rust, holes, and other signs of damage, and let you know what repairs are recommended for restoring your system.

If you simply need to have your chase cover replaced with something made of higher quality metal for longer, more effective protection, we can help. We install stainless steel chase covers, which are sleek, attractive, and last much longer than the aluminum chase covers that typically come standard on prefabricated chimneys.

Request an appointment to have your system looked at today – call or fill out our online scheduling form. We’ll make sure your prefabricated chimney is properly protected against the elements – guaranteed.


if your prefab chimney is looking a little worse for the wear, talk to us about the installation of a new prefab chimney. We can take care of it for you!