Need A New Prefabricated Chimney? Let Us Install It For You!

Whether you’re adding a prefab chimney system to a room in your home or replacing a rusted, outdated, or inefficient prefab chimney system, you can count on Chimney Sweep Plus. We’ve installed countless prefab or factory-built systems from an array of manufacturers over the years, and our team knows what goes into a proper installation. We follow manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to ensure your system is ready to be enjoyed and equipped to work as intended.

In our 27 years of industry experience, we’ve learned which brands truly provide the best products, and since we believe our customers deserve the best, these are the brands we proudly install:

DuraTech Class A Chimneys

DuraTech Class A Chimneys are double-wall, all-fuel chimney systems that feature a Thermal Insulation Blanket in between the two walls. The inner wall is 25% thicker than most other chimney walls, and this, paired with the Thermal Insulation Blanket, results in added protection against heat transfer. This makes DuraTech a great choice for zero clearance fireplaces and areas where clearance to combustibles is a concern. DuraTech Class A Chimneys are UL tested and approved for use with just about any wood, oil, coal, or gas appliance, including wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, and water heaters. These chimneys are only sold to chimney professionals, and when professionally installed, they carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Ventis Class A Chimneys

Ventis Class A Chimneys are all-fuel systems made right here in the USA and crafted from the finest 304L and 316L stainless steel. UL tested for efficiency and safety, and built with a Thermal Web™ Design to reduce heat transfer, Ventis Class A Chimneys are truly built with the customer’s satisfaction and safety in mind.

You won’t find these chimneys in big box stores because they’re solely sold to chimney professionals who can guarantee proper installation. And when installed by a professional, Ventis systems carry a Forever Warranty, so you know your system will last and last.

Ventis Class A Chimneys are approved for use with all fuel types, though it should be noted that in order to maintain a Forever Warranty, if burning coal, you’ll need to choose a 316L inner wall pipe.

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