Is A Damaged Smoke Chamber Causing Your Smoke & Efficiency Problems?

Does smoke start pouring into your home every time you light up the fireplace? Has your time spent by the hearth gone from inducing relaxation and rest to sparking coughing fits? The problem may lie with your smoke chamber.

The smoke chamber, or area just above the fireplace and throat, is shaped like an upside-down funnel for one reason and one reason alone: to encourage the smoke and byproducts of combustion to swiftly move up into the chimney so they can exit the home.

Unfortunately, smoke chambers can become ineffective over time, mainly due to the excessive temperatures of the fire, the corrosive byproducts of combustion, and creosote buildup and erosion. As damage develops and buildup occurs, the smoothness of the surface is compromised, and smoke and byproducts face resistance on their way out.

Additionally, if the smoke chamber is “corbelled,” meaning the bricks that make up the smoke chamber are laid like steps, smoke and byproducts will face even more resistance on their way up and out of the chimney.

Both scenarios can lead to even more buildup, even more, airflow restriction, and even more smoke in your home and air supply. But we can help restore your smoke chamber so you can enjoy your fireplace again.

Our Smoke Chamber Repairs Are Effective & Long-Lasting

The team here at Chimney Sweep Plus specializes in smoke chamber repair and restoration using Chamber-Tech 2000. Chamber-Tech 2000 is an insulating refractory mortar used to parge smoke chambers smooth. Parging smooth simply refers to the process of smoothing over any cracks, rough areas, or corbelled steps to create a smoother, draft-friendlier surface. When performed using Chamber-Tech 2000, this affordable and effective process brings a boost in the draft and added protection against the heat of the fire.

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