Put Chimney Leaks In The Past With Chimney Sweep Plus

The crumbling and cracked masonry; the rust streaks; the damp and musty odor; the drip, drip, drip; the water-damaged ceilings and walls; you’ve got a chimney leak. When you feel that sinking into your stomach and your head starts spinning with dollar signs, take a seat, take a breath, and call Chimney Sweep Plus.

We’ll Quickly Pinpoint The Source Of Your Leak

Our team has been resolving chimney leaks for those in Hickory, Lenoir, Taylorsville, Marion, Conover, and beyond for nearly 30 years. We’re quick to locate the source of the leak and make expert repairs to put a stop to any water entry and restore the home and hearth. Commonly, we find that chimney leaks spring up due to these issues:

  • Missing, deteriorating, or improperly fitted chimney caps. The chimney cap is the component responsible for covering the top of the chimney flue and preventing moisture and animal intrusion. If it’s loose, damaged, or missing, rain, sleet, and snow can easily make their way in.
  • Cracked or poorly constructed chimney crowns. The crown is the concrete or cement slab that covers the chimney opening and prevents moisture from entering the masonry chimney structure. Unfortunately, cracks can develop, which can promptly allow water to enter the chimney. Additionally, if the crown is built improperly, it simply won’t do its job.
  • Deteriorating chase covers. Like a masonry chimney, a prefab or Class A chimney will also require a covering. On a prefab system, this covering is called a chase cover, as opposed to a crown. Unfortunately, chase covers can rust and erode, leaving holes and areas where water can trickle in and cause damage to the chimney.
  • Damaged or poorly installed flashing. At the base of the chimney where it exits the roof of the home, metal sheets are installed in layers to prevent water entry. If these metal sheets, known as flashing, aren’t installed properly, have lifted and separated, or have developed rust and holes, water will enter this vulnerable intersection.
  • Deteriorating and cracked chimney masonry. The masonry that makes up your chimney stack can take on water, especially if it’s cracked or deteriorating. And once water is inside, it will only continue to damage the masonry and allow more and more water to enter.

Keep Your Chimney Leak-Free, Long Term

Whatever the cause of your chimney leak, we’ll take care of it. We can make any necessary repairs and offer waterproofing services designed to keep water out for good. Our waterproofing services include the following:

  • ChimneySaver Masonry Waterproofing – We can keep water out of your chimney masonry with above-grade masonry water repellents from ChimneySaver, the leader in chimney waterproofing products. These water repellents offer invisible protection for years and years.
  • FlashSeal Flashing Waterproofing – Looking for added protection for your flashing? We can apply FlashSeal, which is a flashing repair product that provides a waterproof membrane and keeps flashing leak-free for at least 7 years.

If you have a chimney leak, don’t fret! Call Chimney Sweep Plus 828-758-0333 for fast, effective, and affordable service. Whether you live in Hickory, Lenoir, Blowing Rock, or somewhere else in the area, call or fill out our online appointment request form today – we’re here to help!


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