Finishing things early is particularly satisfying. It feels great to finish your Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving, get the kids’ school supplies in June, and finish an important paper a week before the deadline. Check all these things off your list early so you can enjoy spending time with your family. Now that summer is in full swing, cross your annual chimney sweeping off the list! There are several excellent reasons to schedule appointments early, so call Chimney Sweep Plus today!

Schedule at Your Convenience

First, scheduling early means that you are fitting the chimney sweeping into your schedule, not whenever a date happens to be open. When autumn weather hits, there will be a mad scheduling rush. The majority of people forget to plan ahead and face conflicts when setting up appointments. Waiting increases the chance of scheduling interference. Call early and we can come in at your convenience!

Repair Work

It’s best to catch chimney damage early in the summer so that there is plenty of time to schedule repairs. There are many repair jobs that are more convenient to take care of in the summer. It’s easier for our employees to work outdoors in the warm summer weather. It’s also easier to work with products such as mortar, when the weather is warmer. If you wait too long to schedule repair work, you might miss out on relaxing in front of the fire during cooler weather. Calling early ensures that we’ll have your chimney up and running well before those cool, breezy autumn days arrive.


Have you noticed that there is an odor coming from your chimney? Creosote buildup in your chimney might cause this smell. Air is being pulled into your home through your chimney, and the odor from creosote is being pulled in with it. We’ll be removing that creosote buildup during your chimney sweeping, which will decrease the odor that comes into your home.

Call Chimney Sweep Plus

If you live in or around Hickory, NC, you’ll want to call Chimney Sweep Plus at 828-758-0333 today to set up your chimney sweeping appointment. With thirty years of experience, we take pride in making sure our customers are satisfied with our courteous and efficient work. We’re not happy unless you’re happy, so call today and check one more job off your to-do list!