Sometimes appliances around the house require simple maintenance to keep them running properly. You change your furnace filter regularly or add rinse solution to the dishwasher every month to avoid water spots. Running your washing machine through with a packet of cleaner once a month keeps your machine clean and your clothes fresh smelling. Everyone knows the necessity of keeping your dryer lint screen cleaned out every load or two, and having the dryer vents cleaned professionally on an annual basis is a good idea as well. If you keep things cleaned and properly maintained, then the little repair jobs that pop up are a breeze. Just fix things as those minor repairs are needed and you won’t face too many major repair jobs. But sometimes a little repair job isn’t enough, especially where your chimney is concerned. How do you determine what type of work your chimney needs? You call Chimney Sweep Plus at 828-758-0333 and set up an appointment for your annual inspection and cleaning.

Minor Repair Jobs

Our technicians recommend any necessary repair jobs during an inspection. For example, just by looking at your flashing, we can tell if it’s loose or damaged and if it needs to be replaced. Flashing are the strips of metal that cover the area where the chimney meets roof and keep precipitation from seeping in, so it’s a pretty important piece to get repaired.

Another chimney issue that will need repair work is a cracked chimney cap. A chimney cap is an important appliance that keeps precipitation and creatures out of your chimney. Precipitation can cause breakdown; creatures can cause blockages when they leave their nests behind. Your chimney cap must be in optimal shape to prevent damaging agents from entering and undermining the integrity of your system.

Major Repair Jobs

Sometimes we’ll discover bigger issues when we do our annual inspection. Did you know that a chimney fire can happen without the homeowner even being aware of it? In fact, most happen that way because there isn’t enough air in your chimney to feed a blazing fire. Whether you know you’ve had a chimney fire or not, the fact remains that damage will have occurred. We have the expertise to analyze that damage and give you the advice you need to know how to fix that damage. We also have the experience to know exactly how to fix things, as well, whether that will require repair work to the flue lining or a rebuild is necessary.

Do the Job Right!

If you are ready to dig in and figure out what needs to be done to bring your chimney up to speed, start by giving Chimney Sweep Plus in Hickory, NC a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll inspect your chimney, find the problem, and fix it. We’ll have your chimney looking and working great in no time!