Give Your Chimney The Protection & Style It Deserves With A Stylish, High-Quality Chimney Cap

The cap that sits atop your chimney flue and shields it against animal entry, water intrusion, and other unwanted invaders, serves as one of the most important chimney components. Without a chimney cap, you could experience these problems:

  • Rain, snow, and sleet can enter your chimney flue and cause interior damage to the flue itself, the firebox, and the surrounding walls and ceilings. Think water stains along ceilings, rusted fireboxes, pooling water in your fireplace, and dollar signs.
  • Animals can come down and nest in your chimney, bringing bugs, nesting materials, feathers, fur, and other flammable and unwanted elements with them. Additionally, animals can die inside the chimney, leading to awful stenches and the frustration of removing the dead animals.
  • Large downdrafts can cause sudden bursts of cold air to enter your cozy living space.
  • Sparks and hot ashes can float up through your chimney system, out of your home, and onto nearby flammables – like brush and trees – and spark a fire on your property.

Preventing these things is as easy as having the right chimney cap properly sized, fitted, and installed atop your chimney. But what if a strong storm has knocked it loose? Or what if a raccoon or other animal has tampered with it? What if your existing chimney cap is unattractive and rusty?

If You Need A New Cap, Look No Further Than Chimney Sweep Plus

If you look up at the roofline of your home and notice that something isn’t quite right with your chimney cap or that it seems to be missing altogether, we can help. We install high-quality chimney caps that are designed to last. And when you choose Chimney Sweep Plus for your chimney cap installation, your chimney cap can be as simple or as ornate as you want it to be.

Choose From Durable & Attractive Stainless Steel, Painted Stainless Steel, Or Copper

We install custom and standard stainless steel chimney caps, as well as custom copper chimney caps. Whether you’d like to leave the natural stainless steel finish for a sleek, minimalist look, enjoy the beautiful patina of copper, or you’d like to have your stainless steel cap painted to match the décor of your home, we’re the team to call.

Whatever style you settle on, you can trust us to take care of installation. Our team of professionals will measure your chimney and provide expert installation services so you can enjoy the confidence of knowing your chimney system is protected.

Ready for a new chimney cap that protects and adds curb appeal to your home? Call 828-758-0333 to request an appointment to have a new chimney cap installed today! Click here for online scheduling!


On prefabricated chimney systems, installing a new chase cover may be necessary to protect you from water, debris or animal damage.