Is A Dead Animal To Blame For Your Chimney Odors? We Can Help!

It’s not uncommon for animals and birds to enter uncapped chimneys and make a home inside, bringing twigs, branches, and babies along with them. For squirrels, rodents, chimney swifts, and other birds and animals, chimneys are a great place to nest and raise a family – it’s a strong, safe, often cozy structure. Unfortunately, animals – especially babies –  can get trapped inside the chimney or fall down into the fireplace and die. And when this happens, you can experience awful odors and the dilemma of “what to do?”

Having a dead animal in your chimney is never pleasant, but the team at Chimney Sweep Plus can help eradicate your problem with minimal stress and mess. We have the tools and experience needed to safely remove the dead animal and clean the area of any nesting materials, feces, food, feathers, or fur. We’ll make sure your chimney is clean and free of furry, feathered tenants so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace or stove without worry or odor.

How Did The Animal Get Into Your Chimney?

If you don’t know how the animal made its way into your chimney system, you won’t be able to prevent others from coming in down the line. Is a missing cap to blame? We’ll inspect your system to pinpoint the animal entry point and make recommendations for preventing animal and bird intruders in the future. Our professionals repair chimney crowns and install chimney caps, chase covers, and top mounted dampers, so whatever your chimney needs to keep animals out in the future, you can count on us to provide it.

Eliminate Your Animal Problems With Chimney Sweep Plus

If you’ve noticed foul odors coming from your chimney and think you may have a dead animal inside, give Chimney Sweep Plus a call at 828-758-0333. We’ll inspect your chimney from bottom to top, safely contain and remove the dead animal, and make the needed repairs to prevent problems in the future. Call us or request an appointment using our online scheduling form today and eliminate your animal problems fast!


A visual or video chimney inspection will reveal any issues with your chimney system so they can be addressed early. Contact us to schedule this or another of our chimney and fireplace services.