We Perform Thorough Visual & Video Chimney Inspections

Is your chimney liner damaged? Are there animals living inside? What about water damage? What’s causing all the smoke problems? Without taking a good look at the inside of your chimney, it’s virtually impossible to know what’s going on up there. That’s why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) urge homeowners to make annual inspections part of their home maintenance plan. Have you had your chimney inspected this year?

The seasoned professionals here at Chimney Sweep Plus proudly offer homeowners in Hickory, Boone, Lenoir, Taylorsville, Morganton, and beyond these expert chimney inspections:

  • Visual Inspections. When your chimney and fireplace or stove are working like normal and you haven’t made any real changes, a visual inspection is likely all you will need each year. During a visual inspection, we’ll look at all easily accessible areas of the system and inspect for any blockages or signs of issues. If we find something that raises concerns and we need a closer look, we may recommend a video inspection.
  • Video Inspections. Video inspections are vital for those times when we need a better look at the interior of the chimney system. During a video inspection, we insert a video camera down into or up into the chimney so we can get a clear, close look at every easily accessible area of the chimney and fireplace – including the interior of the flue. Video inspections are recommended if you’ve made a change to your system, swapped appliances, swapped fuel types, or noticed performance issues or changes. These are also needed if you’ve experienced a chimney fire or severe weather event that could have caused damage.

Reduce Your Fire Risk With Annual Inspections

So many fires that originate in chimneys are preventable – are you doing your part to reduce fire risk in your home? Schedule your yearly inspection without fail so you can enjoy the benefits of having a fireplace or stove – without unnecessary risk. To request an inspection with one of the experienced professionals at Chimney Sweep Plus, call 828-758-0333 or fill out our online schedule request form. We look forward to serving you and helping you keep your home safer and more efficient!


Whether you have a masonry or prefab chimney that needs cleaning, we can take care of what you need with our professional chimney and fireplace services.