We Proudly Offer The Most Thorough Masonry & Prefab Chimney Cleaning Services

Regardless of whether your chimney is masonry or prefabricated, chimney cleanings need to be a regular part of maintenance if you want your system to work properly and maintain its condition, year after year. And we’re here to help! We have decades of experience cleaning chimneys of all types – and with our tools and knowledge, you can expect the job to be done right and without a mess!

Why Cleanings Are Important, Regardless Of Fuel Type

No matter what fuel your fireplace, stove, furnace, or water heater uses to do its job, byproducts are produced. Whether that means toxic gases and corrosive moisture or flammable creosote and oil soot, byproducts can build up along the lining of the chimney and compromise both the safety and the efficiency of the entire chimney system. Additionally, this buildup can eat away at the chimney liner and reduce its service life. But with regular chimney sweepings, you don’t have to worry. Professional chimney cleanings can keep your system in tip-top shape!

During a chimney cleaning, we will use powerful brushes (safe for both masonry and prefab systems) to loosen any residue on the walls of your chimney and fireplace system. We’ll also check for any obstructions (such as nests and sticks), and make sure your chimney is clean from top to bottom.

We Work Hard To Keep Your Chimney & Home Clean

Keeping your home clean throughout the chimney sweeping process is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we utilize drop cloths, foot protection, and incredibly powerful vacuums when we’re in your home. We don’t want to leave a trace of dust, dirt, or soot behind, no matter what. If the thought of loose soot and dust has prevented you from scheduling your annual chimney cleaning, rest assured Chimney Sweep Plus will take good care of you and your home.

Don’t Wait – Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning Today!

Is your chimney system ready for another season of use? Don’t hope so – know so! Schedule your chimney cleaning with Chimney Sweep Plus and enjoy your system with confidence. Call 828-758-0333 today!


Our chimney and fireplace services include all kinds of chimney repairs to help keep your fireside experience safe and enjoyable year after year.