Spring is a wonderful time to bird watch as birds start to come out. However, if you notice a gray smudge in the sky, looking a bit cigar-shaped. It’s very likely that it is a chimney swift. These little birds spend most of their lives in flight, and when they land, they can’t perch but cling to the inside of hollow trees or sometimes the inside of your chimneys.

History of the Chimney Swift

Chimney swifts live mainly in the eastern United States. Because chimney swifts need to cling to the inside of hollow surfaces, the natural spots for them to land in early history were caves or hollow trees. However, as people moved in and got settled, those trees became more scarce and the chimney swifts needed another place to nest. Therefore, chimneys became a natural spot for these little birds to nest. Chimney swifts can cause some problems inside your chimney system include damages to your flue, and that’s when our experts at Chimney Sweep Plus come in.

Chimney Swifts in Your Chimney

Chimney swifts don’t just cause physical damage to your chimney. They can also be an annoyance because of the noises they make when they’re raising a family inside your chimney. Chimney swifts can easily cling to vertical surfaces, and their sticky saliva helps them build nests while cling to the sides of your chimney. Their nests aren’t big and not a huge threat to chimney fires. However, when they hatch babies in your chimney, they get really noisy.

Best Defense

It’s best to wait for the chimney swifts to move out of your chimney on their own. Then, you should take precautions to prevent chimney swifts from coming back. Give our experts at Chimney Sweep Plus a call at 828-758-0333, and we’ll come in and provide solutions to keep these little critters out. When you call us, we’ll also make sure that your chimney is clean and safe to use.