From Minor To Major, We Provide Professional Chimney & Fireplace Services To Hickory & Beyond

Here at Chimney Sweep Plus, we strive to provide unmatched courteous and professional service to customers throughout the greater Hickory area – from initial contact to the last detail of the service or repair for which we are contracted. Our goal is to address all of the chimney and fireplace needs of our neighbors, from minor to major, so they can enjoy their chimneys and fireplaces year after year. We have decades of industry experience and bring knowledge and expertise to each and every job. Our chimney and fireplace services include each of these:

  • Masonry & Prefab Chimney Cleaning – Whether you have a masonry chimney system or a prefabricated or factory-built system, regular cleanings are key to keeping everything in good condition. Here at Chimney Sweep Plus, we provide thorough cleanings and take great care to keep your home and property spotless throughout. Not sure if your system needs to be cleaned? A chimney inspection will keep you informed!
  • Chimney Repairs – When you start to see chimney or fireplace damage or an inspection reveals hidden damage, it can be “just another thing” to deal with. But those of us here at Chimney Sweep Plus strive to make chimney repairs stress-free, mess-free, and affordable. We work hard to finish repairs fast and effectively so you can get back to enjoying your home.
  • Leaky Chimneys – Leaky chimneys are an annoyance that can lead to costly damage if not repaired. Is a chimney leak causing you stress? Let our leak resolution experts repair your chimney and help you keep water out for good.
  • Animal Removal –Does a foul odor coming from your chimney have you suspecting that a dead animal lies within? Chimney Sweep Plus can help. We humanely and safely remove dead animals from chimneys and can make recommendations on how to prevent this type of situation from occurring in the future.

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Do you have a problem that you don’t see discussed on our website? Give us a call! We have a comprehensive understanding of chimney and venting systems and can take care of all related needs. For scheduling or questions, please call 828-758-0333 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re here to help!


When it comes to installations for your chimney system, we do it all — dampers, chimney caps, chase covers, prefab chimneys and stoves and inserts. You can count on Chimney Sweep Plus to take care of all your chimney requirements.