The new year is a great time to set new goals and start in on some new projects. Does your garage need a good cleaning out? Dig in and start throwing things out. How about planning some new landscaping for your yard? Draw up some plans, decide which plants to buy, and wait until the weather warms up to start in. Would you like to go back to college and start looking into a new career? There’s no time like the present to enroll and get started on that job of your dreams. How about a home remodel, or even just a room remodel? Start by doing one room at a time and what may seem to be an overwhelming task becomes manageable! One job that you can do that is manageable is to start your spring cleaning early, and one big first step you can take towards that end is to schedule your annual fireplace and chimney cleaning right now.

Why Does Your Chimney Need Cleaning?

There are several things that can make your chimney a dangerous place in your home. Probably the most prominent thing is usage. You love to use your fireplace in the winter, and that’s great. During the cold winter months, there’s nothing as inviting as hunkering down in front of a snappy fire, warming your toes while you’re stretched out on the couch, reading a good book or watching a movie. But that comforting feeling comes at a price. As the smoke from your wood fire works its way up your chimney, it leaves behind some pretty nasty stuff. The water vapor and chemicals that are released condense when they hit the cooler upper portion of the interior of your chimney, and the matter that’s left over afterward is creosote, a highly flammable substance that clings to the interior of your chimney. When this buildup gets to as little as 1/8th of an inch, it can be a dangerous situation because it could easily catch a spark or ember from a fire and cause a dangerous chimney fire.

Another thing that may surprise you is that, unbeknownst to you, you could have already had a chimney fire. According to the CSIA website, many chimney fires go undetected. Because a chimney fire often doesn’t have enough air to get it burning more drastically, it can be hard to even know it’s happening, and that is doubly dangerous. An undetected fire can cause structural damage and that can mean that some of the chemicals that should be escaping through the chimney might actually be sneaking back into your home. That could cause some serious health issues for you and your family.

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It’s never too early to set up an appointment for your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, and we’re your best bet when it comes to getting your chimney cleaned right. At Chimney Sweep Plus, we take pride in making sure that there is no structural damage, no creosote buildup, and no obstructions that might cause a dangerous chimney fire or leakage back into your home. Give us a call today!