January is the heart of winter in Hickory, North Carolina. And along with the cold weather, you might even see some snow! And how do you warm up when the weather gets chilly? Hot soup? Cocoa? How about some comfy, fuzzy pajama pants? All of those sound great, especially when you pair them with a crackling fire! And who can take care of any work that a chimney in Hickory throws out there? Chimney Sweep Plus, of course.

Regular Maintenance and Repair

So, what is the first line of defense when it comes to making sure your fireplace is ready when you need it? Annual inspection and sweeping. This is extremely important whether you use your fireplace every day or just every once in a while. When you use your fireplace, the by-products of burning have to be released out of your home. These by-products include smoke, water vapor, unburned wood particles, hydrocarbon, tar fog, and more. These by-products condense onto the inside of your fireplace, forming what is called creosote. As you can imagine, over the course of use (according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America website) this creosote build-up can become quite thick, and this is where the danger comes in. Creosote is extremely flammable, and can easily catch a spark from your fire and cause a chimney fire. This is where the expert technicians from Chimney Sweep Plus come into the picture. If you schedule an annual inspection and cleaning, they will be able to keep the creosote build-up to a minimum. And that means a safe, clean burning fire every time.

Dryer Vents

Cleaning and caring for your fireplace and chimney isn’t the only thing that Chimney Sweep Plus can do. They can also take care of cleaning out your dryer vents. When you use your dryer, tiny particles come off your clothes in the form of lint and collect in the lint trap. Unfortunately, even if you clean the trap after every drying, some lint still gets released down the dryer vent and build ups over time. And this lint is incredibly flammable. The AboutHome website states that your dryer is the cause of over 20,000 house fires a year. The best way to avoid this devastating event is to have your dryer vents cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Chimney Sweep Plus has the tools and powerful vacuums to take care of cleaning your dryer vents efficiently and thoroughly.

For All Your Service Needs

Whether you have a masonry fireplace or a prefab one, whether it’s been years since you’ve had your chimney inspected and cleaned or you have this done on an annual basis, the people to call in the Hickory, North Carolina area are Chimney Sweep Plus. They have been in the business of inspecting and cleaning chimneys since 1989, and they know how to keep your chimney and your dryer vents clean and in great repair. So whether you live in Hickory or other towns in Catawba County, in Burke, Alexander, or any of the surrounding counties, you know that you will get quality service from well-educated personnel using up-to-date equipment and techniques. Give them a call today!