Now that November is underway, you’ll want to be buckling down on that fall to-do list so that you’re able to tuck in and enjoy those cold winter nights in front of a crackling fire. You’ll be finishing up yard work, cleaning out gutters, straightening out the garage, and clearing out the attic, all just in time to get ready for a big Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks! An important item on that to-do list should be chimney maintenance and repair.

Do It Yourself Chimney Chores

There are some things that you should do when it comes to preparing your fireplace and chimney for a winter fire burning season. First, just take a walk outside and around your house to make sure that everything looks like it’s tight and buttoned down. Take special notice of your chimney. Do you see any flakes or small pieces of brick or mortar lying around your chimney? This is called spalling, and it indicates that your chimney has some damage that needs to be attended to. Brick spalling is an indication that moisture has infiltrated your bricks and caused a weakening of the structure. Another sign of moisture damage could be that your bricks are loose, often caused by moisture damage to the mortar.

While you’re outside, do a visual inspection of the condition of your chimney cap. This is an important piece of equipment that will keep rain and snow out of your chimney, preventing damage to the interior of your chimney. Make sure it is properly fitted and that there are no visible cracks or dents on the outside of the chimney cap.

You’ll also want to take a look at your fireplace inside your home. Look around to see if you notice an odd draft, or perhaps a peculiar odor that doesn’t seem quite right. These can be indications that there is structural damage or excessive creosote build-up, both which will need attention. Check out the area around the fireplace to see if there are areas that may have been weakened by a leaky chimney.

Annual Inspection and Sweeping

The most important thing that you need to do to prepare your chimney for winter is to hire a qualified chimney sweep company like Chimney Sweep Plus to make sure that any and all problems are fixed before it’s time to start building fires. They will check for structural damage, spalling, and any other areas where leaks might occur, such as the flashing and chimney cap. Not only this, but they will be checking the interior of your chimney for creosote build-up and for any nests or other obstructions that might cause a chimney fire. They’ll make sure that your damper assembly is working and that all other parts are in tip-top condition.

It’s so important that you make sure that your chimney is cleaned and in good condition before you start burning fires this winter. Call Chimney Sweep Plus today to set up an appointment for your annual inspection.