If you have a fireplace, you have one of two types of chimneys: a traditional brick (or stone, or block) and mortar style or a prefabricated (prefab) type. Do you have an older home? Chances are you have the brick and mortar type. Newer homes often have prefabricated fireplaces. Both are serviceable and can give your family hours of fire-burning enjoyment. However, its a good idea to consider carefully which type will work best for you, if you are planning on replacing an existing chimney. The same goes with adding a fireplace and chimney system to your home!

Brick and Mortar Chimneys

There are advantages to these types of chimneys. If you are planning on using your fireplace a lot and enjoy the procedure of building a fire, especially. Brick and mortar fireplaces are built to last. Hire a competent chimney sweep company like Chimney Sweep Plus to do your chimney maintenance and you can count on it to last for decades! Having said this, a brick and mortar chimney is extremely heavy. This means it must be installed on a concrete foundation. It also costs more, and takes more time to install.

Prefabricated Chimneys

Are you remodeling or building a new home? If so, you might want to consider the advantages of a prefabricated chimney. These chimneys are much less expensive than a brick and mortar system. In addition, they offer a good amount of heating power with a small amount of work. Another thing that some people prefer about prefabricated chimneys is the fact that they have much more flexibility in home design. Brick and mortar fireplaces require a certain amount of room away from combustible materials. So, it isn’t as easy to be flexible in room design when installing that type of fireplace! It is important to note that prefabricated chimney systems must be installed very carefully, following the manufacturer’s directions exactly.

Experience Matters

If you are choosing between a brick and mortar or a prefabricated chimney and fireplace system, there is an important consideration. How often will be using your fireplace? It’s important to realize that prefabricated chimney systems are not meant as a heating system for your home, to be used daily, or withstand heavy heat. Planning to just use your fireplace recreationally? A prefabricated chimney is just what you’re looking for.

If you want the right company to install that prefabricated chimney, Chimney Sweep Plus is the place to go. They have installed many prefab fireplaces and are meticulous about following installation recommendations! They can also offer expert advice on which fireplace will best suit your needs, offering friendly, knowledgeable service. Call them to ensure you get exactly which fireplace meets your unique needs!