There are many dangerous things that your mom always warned you about. Don’t go swimming right after you eat and never run with those scissors in your hand! Oh, and lets not forget – if you cross your eyes they’ll stay that way! Make sure you have your dryer vents professionally cleaned at least once a year, so you don’t have a dryer vent fire. Wait…what? Your mom never warned you about that? Well, if she didn’t, you’d probably better put that one at the top of the list.


Everyone is aware that the lint screen on the dryer needs to be cleaned out after every load or two of clothes. However, do you ever wonder where that lint comes from? There are little fibers that break off of your clothes every time you wash them. In fact, that’s one reason your clothes can start to look less crisp and bright if you wash them too often. Since the fabric is wet, those fibers stick to your laundry. When you throw them in the dryer, the hot air that circulates to dry your clothes, and the motion of the drum, causes the fibers to release.

The lint screen basically acts as a filter between your dryer and the dryer vents. It keeps the lint on the screen, so that it doesn’t blow down the vent and out the house or stick to the sides of the dryer vent tubing itself. Not to mention, even though you probably do take care of cleaning out the lint tray, some of that lint still does escape out into the tubing. Is this a big deal?

Possible Consequences

Lint is a highly flammable substance. Therefore, when the lint starts to build up in your dryer vent tubing, the build up can cause combustion – leading to a devastating fire! A dryer vent fire can easily spread, causing destruction in your home.

Another consequence of lint building up in your dryer vent tubing? Higher energy bills. Your dryer functions by pushing warm air through your clothes while they tumble, which causes them to dry. When the dryer vent is full, the motor has to work harder and harder to push that air through. Not only will this make it take longer for your clothes to dry, it also shortens the life of the dryer’s motor. In addition, it causes higher energy bills for you to pay!

What To Do

You can take care of some of your dryer vent worries by cleaning your lint trap regularly. However, this isn’t enough. The recommendation is that you have your dryer vents professionally cleaned on an annual basis, or even more often if you use your dryer a lot. If you’re looking for a professional service that has the experience, the knowledge, and the tools to do the job right, look no further than Chimney Sweep Plus!