The chimney is composed of many parts: the chimney crown, the flue, the chimney liner, the mantel, the smoke shelf. All of these parts are essential to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable fire burning experience. Another piece of your chimney’s anatomy that is essential in making sure that your room doesn’t fill with smoke is the damper.

What is the Purpose of a Damper

According to, the damper is a metal flap in your chimney that can block the flow of outside air from coming in your chimney when it’s not in use or allow air to enter when you’re burning a fire in your fireplace. The damper has a chain or handle that you can pull to make adjustments to how wide you have your damper set. When you’re not using your fireplace, the damper should be closed so that outside elements aren’t allowed to enter. When you are going to use your fireplace, opening the damper creates a draft that is necessary for an efficient fire.

Pros of Using Your Damper

Home Style Choices tells us that chimney dampers act as the window between your chimney and your home. One reason that it is wise to use your damper is to help create a draft. When a fireplace chimney is full of hot air, it actually pulls air through the firebox. This pulling effect is called draft. You can open or close your dampers to either let air in or to keep the elements out.

What Can Happen To Your Dampers

When the chimney cap on your roof is broken or missing, rain, snow, or other forms of participation can get in. When this happens, your dampers can rust. Also, your dampers, like anything else, can become warped or stuck through years of use. The constant exposure to heat and ashes can also cause your dampers to become damaged, warped, or stuck in an open position. If your dampers are warped, your dampers won’t close tight or create a good seal. If this happens, you could be losing a lot of heat from your house through the chimney.

One thing to keep in mind is that, if your dampers are made of cast iron or steel, they are probably pretty inefficient because they don’t create an air tight seal.

Call Chimney Sweep Plus

If you feel like your home is cooler than it should be, and if you can determine that the chimney is the source of cold air flowing in or if your hot air is being sucked up the chimney, you should call in the professionals. Chimney Sweep Plus has been in business for over 27 years, so they have the experience and expertise to know whether your dampers are sealing as effectively as they should be and whether you are losing precious warmth up your chimney. Through a thorough inspection process, they will be able to determine whether your dampers need to be repaired or even replaced. Call Chimney Sweep Plus to set up your annual inspection and cleaning, and be sure to mention that you want your dampers checked out!