There are many things you can do to take care of your chimney and fireplace system. You know that after you burn a fire, you should clean out your firebox, but don’t take all the ashes out.The ashes can actually help to snuggle the coals in and help your fire burn better. You should make sure your dampers are open when you’re burning a fire and make sure that they are shut when you aren’t burning a fire so that the warm air in your house doesn’t sneak up the chimney. Of course, you know you need to have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually, but did you also know that there are actually three different levels of inspections that you can get for your chimney? Depending on the condition of your chimney, how often you’ve had it cleaned, and what’s happened since the last time you’ve had it inspected and cleaned, you can ask for a level one, two, or three type of inspection…

Levels of Inspections

If you have your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis and if you take care of your fireplace in between inspections by cleaning the firebox after every burn or two, making sure the visible parts of the fireplace and chimney are kept cleaned and in working condition, and burning the proper types of wood, a level one chimney inspection will be the right way to go. In this level of inspection, we will come in, make sure all the easily accessible parts of your fireplace and chimney are in great working condition, check for obstructions and creosote buildup, and make sure your chimney is structurally sound.

Did you know you can have a chimney fire without being aware of it? Many chimney fires lack the oxygen needed to go beyond your chimney. When you call Chimney Sweep Plus, we will check for evidence of an undetected chimney fire. If there is evidence of this, or if you are changing ownership of your home, a level two chimney inspection will be required. This level of inspection includes the use of a video camera to inspect the interior of your chimney. By using video equipment, we will be able to see any structural damage a chimney fire or any other natural occurrence may have caused and we will be able to make recommendations for repair work.

The third level of inspection requires major chimney reconstruction. This level may require certain components of your chimney to be removed so that damaged areas can be accessed more easily.

Call to Schedule Your Inspection

If you suspect you have had a chimney fire or other occurrence which may have damaged your chimney or if it’s time for your annual inspection and cleaning, give Chimney Sweep Plus a call. We have the proper video equipment and the proper training to do the job right, and the customer’s satisfaction is always at the top of our list. We’ll get the job done right!